DaaS service customers receive a fully-operational standardized virtual workplace, which each user can customize for their own tasks.Thus, the user accesses not to a separate program, but to the software complex required for a full-fledged operation.The user can access the workstation through the local network or the Internet. The terminal can be a PC or a laptop, a netbook and even a smartphone.

In recent years, more and more popularity is gaining services in the delivery of IT infrastructure in the clouds. This trend has both positive and negative sides. Many companies think that after the transfer of infrastructure to the cloud everything will start to “fly” … No matter how …

Yes, most of the services go to the so-called “web mode”, when all that is required from the user is a web browser. BUT! More and more often, to unload physical servers, a number of processing (even for the web) end up on the side of the user and in that case, no matter how fast the server is, the service itself will work poorly.

Few people know, but workstations can also be virtualized and transferred to the perimeter of the data center!

What for ? – you may ask…

Many have already experienced the benefits of server virtualization:

  • Reduced the size of the data centers themselves
  • Increased the load of the servers themselves
  • Reduced the cost of maintenance of IT systems
  • Improved SLA
  • ETC…

When building Desktop as a Service infrastructures, in addition to the advantages of server virtualization, the customer also benefits from the following:

  • The ability to quickly organize an office with a minimum initial cost
  • The opportunity to give access to a full-fledged workplace for traveling employees (business trips, sales representatives)
  • Additional protection of the main body of corporate information
  • Standardization of workplaces
  • Control over user data flows and centralized maintenance

Economic expediency

This service is designed for companies that require regular updating of the PC fleet, which need to promptly make changes to the configuration of a large number of stations that need to protect the data on the PC and laptop computers from failures and damage to the equipment.

VDI is a solution requiring a large initial investment. The economic effect is achieved through the use of cheaper workstations, the transition to thin clients or the concept of BYOD.

Return on investment is due to reduced costs for maintenance and support of both the infrastructure and end users.

The average payback period of the project is 3-5 years, provided that the equipment park is updated at least every three years.

Instead of conclusions

Desktop as a Service, like other services, requires detailed study and testing of applicability in each individual case. There is no ready-made solution suitable for everyone and immediately.

The implementation process takes a certain time, and the economic effect is manifested for 2-3 years of use.

Complex solutions for creating virtual workstations are based on the solutions of VMware View and Citrix XenDesktop.

Our company offers to rent virtual workstations (VDI) by DaaS model – ready to work virtual workstations, which each user has the opportunity to customize for their own tasks, i.e. 

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