Our company provides services in the audit and maintenance of IT infrastructure that help to efficiently distribute available computing resources, software solutions, the number of service personnel, reduce costs, improve the quality of service and concentrate on the main line of business.

IT-infrastructure audit

System audit of IT is based on the architectural concept and involves diagnosing both the business layer and the IT layer of the IT architecture, auditing IT management processes, describing and analyzing the objects within the IT infrastructure, describing and evaluating their integration, and laying out optimization recommendations and modernization of the IT infrastructure.

Cloud audit

The purpose of the audit is to assess the state "as is" and develop an informed road map to the state "as needed", optimal from the point of view of business requirements. Depending on the subject area, various assets related to IT and business are subject to inspection.

Virtualization audit

Assessing the infrastructure to optimize virtualization systems will allow you to assess the compliance of your infrastructure with the best practices of manufacturers, learn its weak and strong points, assess the need and options for further scaling and optimization.

Inforamtion security audit

Evaluation of the effectiveness of the existing control system IS, which identifies potential vulnerabilities in the existing system, the implementation of which can lead to undesirable consequences (information leakage, inaccessibility of systems and services, violation of the integrity of components and resources, etc.) and, as a result, to certain financial Losses.

Main advantages and results of the audit

Conclusion on the current state

in information systems, equipment, basic and application systems, applications and processes.

Recommendations for the integration of new systems

or on the elimination of deficiencies, effective operation and development, organizational and technical recommendations.

Work plan

coordinated with IT and business and justifying the importance of the upcoming changes.