Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service is a model of cloud computing, which allows assuring maximum data security and control of IT resources used by Your company, since specific virtual infrastructure can only be accessed and used by a single enterprise – your one. This solution is offered to companies with non-standard and extremely strict data security policy, because the private cloud allows creating environment, which conforms to specific data storage requirements of Your organisation.

Quick allocation of resources

Rigid Security Policies

24/7 support

Seamless integration

Resources necessary for business operations - servers, storage, network, software and its servicing - are provided as a service for a period needed.
From now on you can invest the time and money saved into your business development.

Software savings

Hardware savings

Human resources savings

Management of your own infrastructure will allow operating quickly, so that you can offer new products to the market as soon as demand emerges. Knowledge of scope of your managed resources allows easy allocation of the resources to divisions of your organisation.


Plan your budget without any doubts or risks and only pay for what you use.


Use top-level technologies taken care of by certified professionals.


With the help of management portal, control your virtual data centre and save time.