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Many companies are trying to save on the infrastructure or at least "stretch" the costs. To help them came hosting providers who offer their computing power in the clouds (according to their already sandartized, templates).

BUT, every transfer of infrastructure to the "cloud" is an individual event.

The specialists of our company have many years of experience both in building cloud data centers, and in migrating and scaling existing services to a cloud-based data center. They will help you avoid the typical mistakes that lead to a long total or partial downtime of IT systems, services and components.

Our company can help you with:

Test stand

At this stage it is important to allocate time for testing both the cloud provider and partially to work out the transfer mechanism. Evaluate everything, especially paying attention to the convenience and intuitive interface of managing the virtual datacenter, the prices, the adequacy and speed of the support service response, the ability to migrate not only to a specific cloud environment, but also the possibility of migration from it (retreat paths also need to be), backup methods , As well as the timing of the restoration of your infrastructure, which offers and defines the provider for you.


Even before making a decision about migration, it is necessary to make an inventory of the infrastructure in order to clearly understand which components your system is part of and how they are related to each other. This will help you tidy up all the current infrastructure documentation. And, perhaps, in especially neglected cases - to create one. But the most important thing is to save time when debugging the inevitable errors of functioning


At a minimum, it is necessary to clarify the possibility of protection against DDOS attacks, to estimate the bandwidth of communication channels and the availability of an intrusion detection system. Evaluation of stored information in terms of the ability to store and process it by a third party. For a number of customers, these options can save a lot of time and nerves. Pay attention to the specific features of working with each particular provider, for example, how to create clones of virtual servers, disks, do not forget about working with virtual networks.


Writing a migration plan, which will describe what, in what order and at what time to transfer. The plan is created sufficiently accurate to reflect all the migration steps, and the features of the transfer of specific components identified at the inventory stage.


The infrastructure is determined by the specific services that are running and functioning in it, which means that it is most convenient to keep in mind the so-called "average hospital temperature" when several of the most critical services are selected, the information on their download is analyzed, and on the basis of this information, specific temporary Intervals of migration and all the main protocols for checking the operation of information systems are carried out.

Support of hybrid infrastructure

Further support and maintenance of hybrid and cloud infrastructures. Optimization of licensing and resource allocation models. Outsourcing and outstaff specialists. Technical support of solutions of any complexity.