Recently, VMware released an update to the acclaimed NSX-T solution – version 2.4.

Specialists of our company have already managed to deal with innovations, assemble our own demo stand, and also prepare for you a number of materials – which we are in a hurry to share!

Our webinar will have a minimum of marketing information and slides – we prefer live examples and shows.

Webinar schedule:
11.04.2019 – NSX-T basic configuration:
Deploying the NSX Manager Cluster
Preparing the NSX Infrastructure
Configuring the Tier-1 Gateway
Configuring the Tier-0 Gateway
DHCP Server

18.04.2019 – NSX-T – network services:
Equal Cost Multipathing
Network Address Translation
Load Balancing
NSX Distributed Firewall
NSX Gateway Firewall

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